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    Would you like to leave in any one of these?

    Zoopla recently found the top 10 unusual homes for sale, we thought we would show you them and let you know what’s so interesting about each home.

    1. Primrose Hill, London

    Primrose Hill Home

    Source: Zoopla

    Quirky Fact: Theres a swimming pool in the living room.

    2. Fort Richmond on Route De La Marette, Guernsey

    Fort Richmond

    Source: Zoopla

    Quirky Fact: Was occupied by the Germans in the Second World War

    3. Houseboat, Shepperton, Surrey


    Source: Zoopla

    Quirky Fact: It has two floors, very spacious, under floor heating and a spiral staircase.

    4. Huge six-bedroom house in Ewhurst, Surrey

    Ewhurst Surrey

    Source: Zoopla

    Quirky Fact: Built between 1929 and 1939, this house features intricate iron work, bespoke ceramic tiling and finely-crafted wooden doors.

    5. Windmill in Holywell, Flitshire

    Windmill Holywell

    Source: Zoopla

    Quirky Fact: The building has five floors and the attic stone-built outbuildings can be transformed into extra living space.

    6. Five-bedroom property in Hampton Court, Surrey

    Hampton Court

    Source: Zoopla

    Quirky Fact: Had 20 car parking spaces and comes with 185 metres of mooring which can hold up to 25 boats.

    7. Kings Lynn, Norfolk

    Kings Lynn

    Source: Zoopla

    Quirky Fact: The building is know as ‘The Exorcist’s House’ where a member of St Nicholas clergy performed exorcisms during the middle ages.

    8. Staplecross, East Sussex


    Source: Zoopla

    Quirky Fact: Built in the 1850s as an oast house

    9. Hackney, London

    Hackney London

    Source: Zoopla

    Quirky Fact: Named The Makers House after the architect’s desire to use hand assembled materials.


    10. Harrietsham, Kent

    Harrietsham, Kent

    Source: Zoopla

    Quirky Fact: Has a treehouse hidden away in the three acres of garden.

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