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Why an inventory?

It’s simple. Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, inventories give you legal protection against any disputes that may arise either during or after a tenancy period.

A professional, independent inventory can be used in court to prove the condition of a property if there’s a dispute regarding damage, theft, loss or the deposit. That inventory must be robust and defensible, witnessed and signed by all parties if it is to be held up as a proper indicator of the facts and be confidently accepted by an adjudicator or court.

It’s the most reliable way to legally prove that a property has been left in the same condition it was entered.

Amateur inventories which haven’t been prepared by an independent third party aren’t completely worthless, but in the case of a dispute, they can be open to awkward questioning. 

A professionally produced inventory report is your insurance if a dispute comes to court. This is why we recommend all inventories to be completed professionally before the tenancy begins.

Our dedicated team have developed an extremely comprehensive and efficient system for taking a complete inventory of the contents and condition of a property. This system, combined with many years experience in the inventory business, means we can produce inventory reports that are second to none, for a modest price.


Inventory & Check In                               Unfurnished                                  Furnished

One Bedroom                                                   £100                                         £110

Two Bedrooms                                                 £110                                         £120

Three Bedrooms                                               £120                                         £130

Four Bedrooms                                                 £130                                         £140

Five Bedrooms                                                  £140                                         £150


Check Out or Inventory Update                 Unfurnished                                    Furnished

One Bedroom                                                    £90                                          £100

Two Bedrooms                                                  £110                                        £120

Four Bedrooms                                                 £120                                        £130

Five Bedrooms                                                  £130                                        £140

Mid-term inspections £40

All fees exclude VAT and are for standard properties.

£10 charge for any additional rooms such as en-suite, extra receptions, conservatories etc.

Sundays, bank holidays and evenings +£15

Aborted call charge +£30
(24-hour notice needed for cancellations).

 Contact our office for any further queries.

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